Common Signs of an Exhaust Leak

An exhaust system is a set of piping that guides exhaust gases from a controlled combustion in a vehicle’s engine. An exhaust system must be undamaged for a vehicle to properly function. You may not notice a small exhaust leak, but as the leak becomes worse, it could lead to significant damages to the engine and pose a fatal threat to you and your passengers.

The most obvious sign of an exhaust leak is a high-pitched sound coming from the engine. The sound will intensify as you try to accelerate or if you start the vehicle when it is cold outside. You may also notice a decrease in fuel economy if there is an exhaust leak because the engine will have to work harder. As a result, you may also notice an overall decline in your vehicle’s performance.

To keep your vehicle running smoothly, you should have inspections every year to ensure there isn’t a leak present. To have your vehicle inspected, visit our service center at Auto Park Ford Bremen in Bremen, IN.

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