New Ford Fiesta ST and Its Helpful Performance Features

What is it about the Fiesta ST that makes it a popular performance hatchback? If you were to experience these performance features, you would be impressed as well.

Those who have driven up a hill with a vehicle that has a manual transmission will appreciate the Hill Start Assist feature in the new Fiesta ST. When you go from the brake to gas pedal while on a hill, the brake is held a little longer to avoid the car rolling back and hitting another vehicle.

Another useful feature in the new Fiesta ST is the Electric Power Assisted Steering. Unlike a pump used to control the steering, a small motor is used in the Fiesta ST to assist with steering at low or high speeds, making driving safer and more controllable for the driver.

Stop by Auto Park Ford Bremen to take the new Fiesta ST for a test drive to experience these features for yourself.

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