The Ford Focus Technology Package: A Compact Car with Class

The technology in the Ford Focus is one of the features that makes it a popular compact car. We at Auto Park Ford Bremen love helping people learn about the features that Ford has to offer in technology and conveniences. If you are interested in the Focus, you will notice the push-button start and Sync 3 capabilities right away!

Push-button start will allow you to use a button to start and stop the Ford Focus. The car will start when the brake pedal is pressed. There is also Intelligent Access which allows you to touch the driver's door handle and open the door, while your key is still in your pocket.

SYNC 3 takes the Ford Focus to a new level. You can use SYNC 3 with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to sync your phone and car. This will allow you to use applications on your phone and stay in contact with people while driving.

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