Move Over for Safety’s Sake

So most drivers know that when they see an emergency vehicle with their lights on, they are supposed to move over and get out of the way of the vehicle. However, what are you supposed to do when you see a tow truck with a vehicle on the shoulder?

Well, in reality, it is not much different. In all states, drivers are supposed to move over to the other lane unless it is not safe to do so. Now you may be wondering why, since a tow truck is not an emergency vehicle. The truth is drivers should do it for safety reasons. A lot of times the tow driver stands close to the roadway so they will be in a dangerous situation. Here at Auto Park Ford of Bremen, safety is our number one concern for a birthday the driver and the tow truck, driver.

Remember to be safe on the roads and be careful with the other drivers in the Bremen, IN area.

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