Why do We Use Horsepower as a Measurement?

A car's horsepower rating is one of the many common things that come across a potential car buyer's mind alongside what type of engine it runs, et al. But what is horsepower and why do we use it? At Auto Park Ford of Bremen, we will explain why we use horsepower as a method to measure power today and how it all began.

Way back during the end of the 18th century, James Watt - the inventor of the steam engine, had modified his model to create a more efficient and powerful engine. The industrial workforce during that period were using Newcomen engines as well as draft horses to produce work. When Watt tried to market his engine to the people that never owned an engine before and only used horses, he had to compare the output of his engine to that of their draft horses. He estimated that a work horse could do 33,000 ft·lb per minute and turn a 12 ft mill wheel approximately 144 times per hour!

Now we translate this power to apply to engines of all kind using the term horsepower. Find a car or SUV with remarkable horsepower here in our new Ford inventory!

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