Is Kitty Litter an Eco-Friendly Alternative to Road Salt?

Everyone should do what is necessary to be safe while driving on the roads during the winter time. Extreme weather at this time of year in Bremen, IN can cause many different types of dangerous conditions. It is smart to keep an emergency kit in vehicles that will assist drivers should an incident arise. Basic accessories should include jumper cables, blankets, warm clothes and snacks.

Vehicle traction support is also necessary should the automobile get stuck in a certain area. Salt is the common tool for this occasion. However, kitty litter has emerged as a sensible option. Kitty litter is very absorbent in wet situations. It will soak in the moisture and allow the tires to gain grip. Kitty litter is also easier to come by during the winter times. Salt is in high demand during this season and is also more expensive. Kitty litter absorbs a great deal of moisture and can become rubbery and slippery if not removed.

Our staff members at Auto Park Ford of Bremen will have more information for motorists who need to upgrade their roadside emergency kits.

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