Understanding Some Common Motor Oil Myths

Misinformation is frustrating. Nothing is more infuriating than being fed some nonsense through the grapevine, and eventually having to pay the price for someone else's misconception. This folly happens all too often with motor oil, which is why it’s vital for you to understand what real and what isn't.

First, if you're going for a long trip, you do not need to get an oil change if you aren't due for one. Getting a change before a trip will just cost you extra money in the long run, as the practice is entirely ineffectual.

Next, synthetic oils are perfectly suitable for any vehicle. Much of the misinformation regarding synthetic oils came from the 1970s when there were some legitimate concerns with the product. Technology has alleviated these entirely, however, and now the oil is not only safe but in many cases superior to standard options.

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