Consider the Ford Fusion Energi for Its Advanced Technology

Are you afraid that you cannot get set up with a plug-in hybrid and still have access to all of the technology that you want to be part of your vehicle? If so, come by Auto Park Ford Bremen to learn more about the popular Fusion Energi from Ford.

If the quality of the sound system in the vehicle that you drive is important to you, you will be happy with the premium audio system that you get with the Ford Fusion Energi. If satellite radio is important to you, you will be excited to connect your Fusion Energy to Sirius XM.

Have questions about the Ford Fusion Energi and all that it can offer to someone who loves technology? We are here to answer those questions. Come by our Bremen, IN showroom and we will give you access to the information that you seek. We will also get you out to test drive this great plug-in hybrid.

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