All-Weather Comfort in the 2019 Ford Flex

Whether you're dealing with cold winter air or the scorching heat of summer, the 2019 Ford Flex is designed to keep you comfortable. The third-row mid-sized SUV has many available features to ensure that your driving experience is comfortable all year long.

To combat the harsh winter temperatures, you can get a heated steering wheel. With a press of a button, elements built into the wheel will heat up to deliver a soothing warmth to your fingers. Not only can this keep you cozy, but toasty fingers can help you stay more alert and ready to drive. You can also get seats with temperature controls. They can be set to hot or cold so that your entire body is comfortable.

Want to take the 2019 Ford Flex for a test drive? Stop by our showroom at Auto Park Ford Bremen in Bremen, IN today. We're more than happy to help you find the right model for your needs.

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