Get a Driving Boost From the Ford Ranger's Technology

As a light-duty pickup truck, the Ford Ranger is engineered to tow trailers and haul payloads. Having a mid-size cabin, this domestic model is available for test drives at Auto Park Ford Bremen. Clients in Bremen, IN with limited budgets should try the XL base edition, which is followed by the XLT trim. Auto shoppers with more generous budgets should take rides in the Lariat model.

The Ford Ranger is equipped with intelligent digital technologies that help the driver focus behind the steering wheel. The all-new Trailer Coverage function supplements the well-established Blind Spot Information System, which is widely available in several other Ford vehicles. The BLIS provides a major boost to the driver's confidence on roads that have heavy traffic flow.

This Ford pickup truck comes with an 8-inch touch screen that supports a pinch-to-zoom function. The capacitive LCD monitor clearly shows signature icons, such as the Waze and Travel Link apps that are optimized for smart travel.

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