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  • Ken Norris

    Ken Norris, pictured with his wife Sarah, have been in the automotive business for more than 16 years.  They share the joy of their three children and reside in Ken's hometown of Bremen, Indiana.

    Ken earned an elite degree in Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Prescott, AZ.  He was an American Eagle pilot on the ATR-42 and ATR-72 in the Caribbean Islands.  After the 9/11 American Airlines layoffs he was suddenly unemployed and found himself pursuing two second passions.  Automobiles and Business!  He credits his faith for providing the opportunities to lead several companies and bringing outstanding people to his automotive team.  

  • Justin Murphy
    Sales Manager

    Justin Murphy is our Sales Managers. With twenty years of experience he is Ford Master Certified and specializes in Roush and Customer Retention. Justin loves spending time with his wife Michelle and their four children Ava, Kendall, George and Elliot. His hobbies include golf, Mustangs and Antique tractors.

  • Brent Easterday
    Business Manager

    Brent Easterday is our Business Manager. With almost six years of experience he is Master Certified in Financial Service Management as well as Sales. Brent loves his work as well as traveling and watching/playing sports.

  • Taylor Jones
    Sales / Finance

    Taylor is one of our Sales Consultants. With just over four years experience in Automotive Sales and Financing within the local community.

    Taylor has a passion for everything automotive. From his roots in the business as a Detailer, a Can-Do attitude when it comes to repairing and maintaining his own vehicles (when he has time) and his involvement within the local car community. In his free time he enjoys spending quality time with his family and time in the air as a Private Pilot.

    We're confident Taylor will make your New or Pre-Owned Buying Experience unforgettable with his up-beat and exciting personality.

    Give Taylor a call or e-mail Today!

  • Skylar Thompson
    Sales Consultant

    Skylar is new to the automotive industry.  His passion is performance vehicles and has family members whom have worked for Ford Motor Company.  Skylar is also very knowledgeable with todays technology.

  • Bud Losee

  • Jarred Zeisig
    Service Manager

    Jarred Zeisig is our Service Manager. With ten years of experience he is Ford Master Certified. Jarred loves spending time with his wife and two children. His hobbies include Antique Tractors as well as hit and miss engines.

  • Nick Shepherd
    Parts Manager

    Nick Shepherd is one of our two Parts Managers. With eleven years of experience specializing in parts, he is our Ford Wholesale Master. He is also ASE P-1 certified. Nick enjoys spending time with his wife who is expecting and their two children. His hobbies include racing, fishing, mushroom hunting and RC Cars.


  • Deb Adams
    Office Manager

  • Megan Custer
    Account Specialist

    Megan Custer is in our Accounting Department. With almost two years of experience her certifications include an associates degree as a medical assistant as well as management. Megan loves spending time with her husband Chris and their two children. Her hobbies are reading and anything that has to do with the outdoors.

  • Bruce Feldman
    Service Technician

    Bruce Feldman is a member of our Service Team. With over twenty years of experience he specializes in Roush Performance and is certified in foreign and domestic. He is also ASE Master Certified. Bruce enjoys fishing, golfing, grilling and the outdoors as well as spending time with his son Clayton.

  • Jason Clark
    Service Technician

    Jason Clark is a member of our service team. With 16 years of experience, he specializes in diesel engines and transmissions. He is ASE Master certified A-1 through A-9. Jason enjoys spending time with his wife and three children. His hobbies include chess, motorcycles and old cars.

  • Doug Brown
    Service Technician

    Doug Brown is a member of our Service Team. He has 19 years of experience and is certified in Diesel engines. He loves spending time with his son Hunter as well as fishing and hunting.

  • Evan Chambers
    Service Technitian

  • Dean Nettrour
    Service Technician

    Dean Nettrour is a member of our service team. with 33 years of experience he specializes in Electrical. His certifications include Automotive Service Technician as well as Fleet. Dean loves restoring farm tractors and hanging out with his German Shepherd.

  • Jim Hale

    Jim Hale is a member of our Detail team. He loves spending time with his wife and five children, along with his nine grandchildren and one great grandchild having cookouts and going on vacation together.

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